Woman left ‘fuming’ over fake tanner mishap

A woman on TikTok has documented a self-tanning mishap that left her “fuming.”

When they work, makeup hacks and shortcuts can do wonders for someone’s self-esteem. But when they fail — like the time this woman got a “horrible” eyebrow procedure and when this model accidentally cleaned her hair with maggots — the failure can almost make things worse.

In this situation, Anna-Sophia Tutton (@annatutton1) said she took a quick nap after applying fake tanner and woke up to find a footprint on her leg. She realized that she must have had her foot resting on her leg while she was napping and the tanner was still wet.

“I’m f****** fuming,” she said in the clip. “I just did a tan, right, because I’m seeing [a friend] and it’s been like two or three weeks. I was like, ‘I’ll do a tan and we’ll go out for drinks later, it’s going to be really nice.'”

Instead, 20 minutes before her friend was supposed to arrive, Tutton had a foot imprinted on her leg.

“I’ve got a foot on my leg,” she said. “What am I going to do?”


hoping it’ll come off when I wash it off lol

♬ original sound – Anna-Sophia Tutton

The commenters seemed to think the situation was too funny not to poke fun at.

“You’ve really put your foot in it,” one joked.

“Tan your foot and stick it to your leg like a stamp,” another suggested.

“I’m sorry but how did you fall asleep [long enough] for there to be a footmark there?” a commenter asked.

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