TikTok users fooled by ominous clip of man saying goodbye to his mom

A video of a freezing man leaving a final message for his mom is going viral on TikTok. It’s emotional, horrifying and totally fake.

In the clip, which actually comes from the Quibi show “Wireless,” Tye Sheridan plays an injured and dying man who leaves his mother one last phone call.

“I’m Andrew Braddock. Please give this video to my mother, Elaine Braddock,” the actor said in the video. “Mom, if you’re watching this right now, it means I never made it out of here.”

The video currently has more than 1 million likes, 6.4M views and 45,000 comments. On top of everything else, it was uploaded on Oct. 7, but only gained traction recently. TikTok’s mysterious algorithm is to blame for that one.

It’s clear many commenters fell for the ruse.

“Call 911? Or post a TikTok, hmm which one is better?” one user wrote.

“How are we all just seeing this now. Call his mom, I need an update,” another said.

“Is he alive? And do we call 911?” a third commented.

Others caught on quickly.

“I thought he was about to say he ain’t never seen two pretty best friends,one said.

“When people don’t realize this is from a movie,” another wrote.

Like so many other pieces of fake news, this video blew up once people started seeing it because it was just so emotional. It doesn’t help that not many people saw the original Quibi show, so it was hard to identify its true source.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, kids, and check the comments section before calling 911.

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