Fall Guys is the wholesome party game that’s making streamers rage

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a cheerful, cartoonish game designed to spark joy in players of all ages, but don’t let that fool you. Underneath that huggable, Pixar-esque exterior is an unforgiving battle royale that has caused streamers to plead for their lives and howl in rage.

Since leaving its beta phase and officially launching on August 4, Fall Guys has been a wild success. On August 10, publisher Devolver Digital declared that the game had already sold 2 million copies and was watched for a total of 23 million hours on Twitch, all in the first week.

This explosive popularity is no doubt due to how streamable this game is. The cutesy character models, vibrant maps, and upbeat music makes Fall Guys feel like an animated show for toddlers. But among the 60 players who enter the game, only one is crowned champion, a format which has resulted in some hilarious clips.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitch so far.

xQc terrifies viewers after being sabotaged

Félix “xQc” Lengyel is loved by his fans for his over-the-top reactions, rapid speech, and being the inspiration behind the long-running Twitch joke of slamming the fart.

But even his fans weren’t prepared when xQc grabbed his camera and positioned it directly over his eye while calling out the stream sniper who sabotaged his win.

Long Live the King: Scarra gets Mufasaed by Toast

William “Scarra” Li picked a fight with Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang at the finish line, taunting the fellow streamer about what happened the last time they faced off.

But Toast remembered. Long live the king.

Bateson87 got baited and let his guard down

Jamie “bateson87” Bateson was running a victory lap in the final round, savoring the satisfaction of his first Fall Guys win.

That is until victory was snatched from him at the very last possible moment.

TimTheTatman gets the sweats over a kids game

Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar ran through the first round with frayed nerves, hyping himself up to keep his head in the game. “I’m losing to a kids game, dude.” he said. “I’m losing it to a kids game, dude!”

Alas, he was part of the 20 players who lagged behind and were eliminated. As all his friends ran past the finish line, Tim alone screamed in frustration as he slammed face first into a rising wall and fell into the pit.

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