Family claims they were accidentally ‘poisoning’ themselves after 9-week illness

A mysterious illness plagued nearly an entire family for nine weeks. Then, the mom claimed, they discovered they had been “poisoning” themselves. 

TikToker @kelsewhatelse claimed to have solved an “ongoing medical mystery” in her family. Every Monday, and only on Mondays, she, her husband and/or her son (but never the baby) would get sick. They never knew what was making them ill and dubbed the condition the “Monday Sickies.” After nine weeks of suffering, the mom was convinced she finally got to the bottom of things. 


This has been an ongoing medical mystery and I can’t believe we have just been poisoning ourselves this whole time. 😱 #medicalmystery #momsoftiktok #poisoning #storytime #jiffpeanutbutterrecall #salmonellaoutbreak

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“This has been an ongoing medical mystery and I can’t believe we have just been poisoning ourselves this whole time,” the caption read

Whenever one of the trio got sick, it would usually result in 12 hours of fever, diarrhea and cramps. Her husband and son would usually get the sickest, but they could never figure out why. They deep-cleaned their home, didn’t have anyone over for two months and ruled out everything. 

Then when @kelsewhatelse found herself at the hospital for a different reason, she asked her doctor what their mysterious illness might be. The doctor suggested it could be salmonella from a Jif peanut butter recall. But the mom had already checked their main peanut butter source. 

However, she alleged that when she went home, her husband asked if she had checked the smaller peanut butter cups. The mom didn’t know the family had any. It turns out that on Monday mornings, when her husband would get their son ready, he would feed him a peanut butter cup. The dad would even have some of the nut butter too. 

When @kelsewhatelse checked the cups, she claimed they were, in fact, part of the recall. The mom believed the contaminated cups explained why the baby never got sick and why her husband and son were always the sickest. 

The video racked up 1.9 million views on TikTok.

“So happy you shared this. I just packed those little cups to take camping. I went and checked and sure thing they were the contaminated ones,” a user commented

“My son was hospitalized with every single symptom of salmonella. Just a few weeks later, the recall came out — all of our jars were recalled,” another said

“Thank you I just discovered what has been making us sick for about a week,” a person wrote

Jif announced a voluntary recall of all of its peanut butter products in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration. To see if you have any of the recalled products, please check here

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