5 adorable family costume ideas for Halloween

What could be a better way to celebrate spooky season than to sport a group Halloween costume with the whole family? Whether you decide to DIY your family’s Halloween look or purchase the items in store, there are many coordinated costume ideas to fit any size squad and budget.

If you’re looking to win Halloween this year, here are 5 fun family costume ideas that will have the entire neighborhood thinking #familygoals. 

1. The Little Mermaid Family Costume

When it comes to family costumes, you can’t go wrong with Disney, especially The Little Mermaid. There are enough sea critters in the story for everyone to dress up, making it a great group costume option. This adorable family nailed their Little Mermaid ensembles. Dad expertly pulls off King Triton with a long white beard, crown, and gold wrist cuffs. At the same time, mom makes a great Ursula with her gray wig and tentacle dress. The kids are too cute for words, with their oldest daughter dressed as Ariel in her sparkly princess dress and their youngest daughter dressed as Flounder in a yellow hat and onesie. 

2. Flintstone’s Family Costume

The modern stone age family is an established Halloween favorite. A red wig, white dress with frayed edges, and a giant strand of pearls are all that’s needed for Wilma’s signature look. An oversized orange shirt with black spots, a jagged hem, and a big blue tie bring Fred Flintstone to life. Little Pebbles completes the family’s ensemble with a light green shirt with black dots over a pair of turquoise pants and a top knot. 

3. The Addams Family Costume

For the family that’s creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky, The Addams Family is a tried-and-true group costume favorite. Each Addams family member’s distinct personality really allows you to get into character, making it especially fun to put together a costume. When searching for items, remember that the color black is what ultimately holds this family together. This Addams family rendition features Gomez wearing his signature pinstripe suit and mustache, while Morticia sports her characteristic long black dress and hair. Wednesday is unmistakable in pigtail braids and a black dress with a white collar, while Pugsley looks as mischievous as ever in a black and white striped t-shirt. 

4. 101 Dalmatians Costumes

Round up your litter of puppies for this 101 Dalmatians-inspired family costume. Anything with a Dalmatian print will help transform your family into the iconic dotted doggies, making this a great costume to DIY. For Cruella’s ensemble, a black and blond wig, a full face of makeup, and a long cigarette holder are sufficient to convey your identity as the infamous dog thief. 

5. Mary Poppins Family Costume

Thanks to this costume, you can pretend you’re Mary Poppins hanging out in a chalk drawing with Bert and a penguin. Aside from a spoonful of sugar, a black straw hat decorated with daisies and cherries, along with a blue skirt and navy blazer layered over a white ruffled shirt with a red ribbon collar, is what you’ll need to become the magical nanny. A plaid jacket over a vest and button-down plus a railroad hat and red neck scarf breathe life into Poppins’ best pal, Bert. 

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