Family discovers ‘insanely huge’ unwelcomed guest in living room

A family in Kirkwood, Mo. came home and found an owl with a 4-foot wingspan in their living room. 

George Sells, a former KTVI news reporter, said he had never seen anything like this before — let alone in his own home.

“I covered news for 25 years. I never covered an owl in somebody’s house,” Sells told Fox 4.

When the father returned home from picking his kids up from school in November, he saw the bird in the corner of his home. 

“I come around a corner and I look up and that owl is up in the corner, wings fully spread,” Sells told Fox 4. “I don’t know if it was four feet, six feet. It looked, like, insanely huge.”

Sells recorded footage of the intruder and its eventual removal by pest control. The clip shows the bird sitting inside the shade of a lamp and when rescuers arrive, the owl begins to fly around the room as they chase it with a net. Luckily, the workers were able to safely capture it in a cardboard box and then release the owl back into the wild. 

“Their fireplace … the doors were open, and the flue was open. So, chances are the owl was hunting and fell down the chimney,” said Tom Fitzgerald, of Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutionstold Fox 4. “We were able to pin him up against the window. And then just gently put him down into a box. He was looking out the box so I was able to see he was OK.”

Ultimately, the bird didn’t do much damage besides knocking over the lamp and breaking a bottle. Although, Sells’ daughter had an alternative theory.

“My daughter, Samantha, is 11 and the first thing out of her mouth was, ‘My invitation to Hogwarts is here!’” Sells said

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