Dog owner dumbfounded by family member’s ‘unfair’ demand: ‘Selfish and cruel’

A woman is refusing to give her aunt-in-law’s dog back. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum if her actions were justifiable. Her husband’s aunt Clara is a divorcée who started dating again years ago. The issue is she has horrible taste in men and every time she is with someone who doesn’t like her dog, Rex, she demands her nephew and the Reddit poster take the pet in. But when Clara inevitably breaks up with her beau, she asks for the dog back. 

“My husband’s aunt, Clara is a divorcée. Several years ago she decided to start dating again,” the woman explained. “The problem is, she has bad taste in men. She keeps ending up with these creepy, scammy guys. One of her guys really strongly came onto her 21-year-old daughter and she didn’t believe her for a long time. She had this cute little terrier Rex and one of her boyfriends demanded she get rid of Rex. Rex was about six years old at the time. My husband and I love dogs and we volunteered to take him in. Two years later, Clara breaks up with the creep and wants Rex back. We’re sad to see him go but it seemed like the right thing to do, so Rex went back with Clara.” 

But less than a year later Clara pulled the same thing and Rex ended up back with the Reddit poster. 

“Rex is 12-ish and grey and going blind and takes pills twice a day but he’s our sweet little cuddle-bug,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Well, Clara has dumped her latest guy and wants Rex back again. My husband and I discussed it and have said no. We don’t think Clara will take proper care of Rex. She’s pretty broke and Rex’s meds aren’t cheap. We would consider paying for his meds for her if we thought she would take good care of Rex otherwise but we just don’t trust her at this point. We both feel that it’s likely she will just dump Rex back on us again when some new guy comes along. The bulk of the family seems to feel that we’re being selfish and cruel to keep Clara and Rex apart.”

Reddit users thought the poster had a right to keep Rex.

“It’s incredibly irresponsible and completely unfair to the dog,” one user wrote

“It would be cruel to send an old, sick dog away from his home,” another said

“Rex is not Clara’s dog. Rex is your dog,” someone commented

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