Teen sparks family drama with ‘harsh’ reaction to family heirloom: ‘This is unacceptable’

A 16-year-old is feuding with her older stepsister over a necklace and ring.

The teenager asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her mother died when she was nine and her father remarried two years later. She inherited a necklace and ring from her late mother. The problem is her stepsister has demanded to wear the jewelry for a year. But the Reddit poster doesn’t want her stepsister borrowing it. 

“We’ve had this conflict for the past year about a necklace and a ring my mom left me when she died,” the Reddit poster explained. “My stepsister wanted to wear the necklace and I said no. She was obsessed with wearing it. When she wouldn’t take no for an answer I had to tell my dad that her mom needed to step in and deal with it. She tried, but girl is relentless and has never let up. She has tried offering me money to let her wear it. My answer is always the same. Then she wanted to wear the ring for her cousin’s wedding and asked her mom about it. Her mom told her it was up to me and I jumped in with a big fat no. She was crying for days because I wouldn’t let her wear it and she kept pushing.”

The stepsister wouldn’t stop and it led to an explosive argument. 

“After the wedding, she renewed her efforts to get to wear one or the other,” the Reddit poster wrote. “The other night she told me we’re sisters and she deserves to have something from me. She thinks she’s entitled to and deserves something from my mom that acknowledges her as my sister. That I need to give her the chance to wear it sometime. I lost it. I don’t know why, maybe the build-up of time or the fact she thinks my mom owes her. I told her we did not owe her and we’re not sisters. She needs to get over it because I am never going to let her wear something my mom left me because I treasure them and I will not risk them getting broken. I made her cry and she’s hurt, I was so harsh with her. ” 

Reddit users thought the poster’s reaction was understandable. 

“Your parents should have stepped in a long time ago. This is unacceptable,” one person commented

“This is a parenting failure on the part of your father and stepmother,” another said

“Your stepsister’s behavior is weird and inappropriate,” a person wrote

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