Family lives full-time on a boat converted into a house: ‘Life goals’

TikTok user Kallie grew up on a boat — but not out on the water. In fact, when her parents purchased the boat, a private ship built in 1930 to travel across the Mississippi River, it was already converted into a makeshift house. 

The home, stationed in Minnesota, still looks like a boat on the outside and much like a boat inside. Its hallways are narrow, just 3-feet wide, while its ceilings are so low Kallie can touch them everywhere in the house. Its bathroom is split into two rooms, one with a sink and the other with a tub.


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When the family moved into the boat in the ’90s, Kallie’s mother was pregnant with her. But the boat is full of floor hatches that drop 15 feet down into the basement. Thus, another interesting fact is that her family sealed every hatch closed to baby proof them. 

But perhaps what is most covetable are the boat house’s decks. There are several, including a 30-foot high top deck that will make you feel like Jack and Rose from “Titanic,” as well as another 15-foot deck overlooking the autumn foliage. 

Kallie highlighted some of her favorite things in one viral video where she discussed things about the boat house that “just make sense.” Like how the boat uses ladders instead of stairs and has a decorative (but real) anchor at the end of her driveway. Plus, her parents’ bedroom features the former captain’s wheel. 

The brief tour racked up 1.2 million views on TikTok

“This is the coolest house ever,” one person commented

“Imagine running around here with your kids pretending to be pirates,” another added

“I have entirely new life goals now,” someone said

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