Man leaves family ‘heartbroken’ with sentimental tattoo decision: ‘An evil thing to do’

A man excluded his stepsiblings from a family tattoo and now his family is furious

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if he was in the wrong. His first tattoo was in honor of his late mother, but his second was a homage to his biological siblings. He never felt as close to his stepsiblings so he intentionally excluded them. When his father and stepmom found out, they were upset. But the tattoo was supposed to be a secret in the first place. 

“My first tattoo was of my mom’s name in her handwriting,” he explained. “The second was my favorite quote I used to read my siblings. I’ve always felt this strong connection to my siblings and we have a great relationship. I got the tattoo of them someplace that wouldn’t be seen. I have stepsiblings the same age as my siblings. While I have been in their lives most of their lives, and I treat them the same, I don’t love or feel the same way about them. 

The tattoo was supposed to be hidden, but then the tattoo artist shared it on social media. 

“My dad and his wife saw the post on Facebook from my tattoo artist (because my dad goes to her) of my tattoo of my siblings,” the Reddit poster said. “My dad knew it was me because of a distinct birthmark near the area I had it done. His wife confronted me, said it was an evil thing to do when her kids would be heartbroken to be excluded from it because they see me as their brother and think I love all four of them the same. I told her that was why I had it done someplace they would never see but at the end of the day, the tattoo was for me and not anybody else. She wouldn’t have even known it was me if it weren’t for my dad and nobody else would. She has blown up my phone and inbox for the last two weeks about it.” 

Reddit users didn’t think the poster did anything wrong. 

“It’s your body and your choice what you tattoo on it,” someone commented

“You can’t force yourself to feel something that you don’t,” another wrote

“No one has any say in what you tattoo on yourself,” a user said

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