Family’s hilarious ‘trust fall’ game reveals their true feelings for each other: ‘I wish my family was like this’

A family’s game of “trust fall” revealed how each member really felt about one another. 

The Moore family has over 276,000 followers on TikTok. For their first video back in 2020, the family of five played “trust fall.”

You’ve probably done this trust-building activity before at work or school. You fall backward into someone’s arms, then they catch you to demonstrate you can count on them.

The Moore family added a little bit of a twist to up the ante. 

“Family trust fall: If you tell the truth, you get caught; if you lie, you fall,” the father explained

“I’m the best athlete,” one son declared. 

The four remaining members caught him, which meant they agreed with his statement. 

“I have the better style,” another brother said. 

His two siblings didn’t agree, so they let him fall. Luckily, mom and dad were on his side and caught him. 

“I’m a good driver,” the daughter said. 

Not a single family member caught her. She went crashing straight into the pile of pillows on the floor. 

“I’m the better athlete,” the second son said to challenge his brother. 

No one agreed, and he fell straight to the ground. The rest of the family laughed hysterically at him for making the statement in the first place.

TikTokers got a kick out of the family’s fun game. The video received 11.6 million views. 

“I wish my family was like this,” someone said

“I’m about to play this with my family,” another wrote.

“I would have had a spine injury with my family,” a person commented.

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