Family uncovers ‘time capsule’ behind their medicine cabinet

Finding a hole in your wall that you didn’t know about is pretty creepy. Finding it filled with items you didn’t know about is even worse.

Members of one family were shocked to find a hole in their bathroom wall — and it slowly filled up with things over the course of four decades.

Imgur user Peter Brown, who posted under the name Kludge77, shared the story with his followers. His wife’s parents made the discovery, so she kept him updated on the findings.

He said his in-laws found a mysterious hole in their medicine cabinet and then uncovered a hole in the bathroom wall behind it. For years, products had been falling out of the cabinet and into the wall.

A lot can happen in 40 years. That secret hole accumulated dozens of products, such as nail polish remover, antiseptic spray, caffeine pills, lotion and more — many of which no longer exist.

Credit: Imgur/kludge77

Social media users were baffled by the so-called “time capsule.”

“I can literally smell like 60% of this post. Even the wallpaper,” one wrote.

“Could you imagine all of the arguments building over the years from these things ‘disappearing’?” another said.

Many reminisced on the once popular aftershave Brut, known in the 1980s for its strong smell, as well as a vintage bottle of the caffeine tablets known as Vivarin.

“Oh man Peter these are epic! Don’t clean them up, stick them on a shelf with some 80s retro adverts or something,” a Twitter user suggested.

Next time you open your medicine cabinet, check it for holes — you could be the next viral sensation.

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