Family’s epic Christmas nachos go viral

This family almost broke TikTok with their epic Christmas nachos!

TikToker Tiffany Thompson (@hairbytiffanyrthompson) is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist who took a break from posting clips of her client’s fresh do’s last holiday season to share a video of her family making Christmas nachos the size of their dining room table, and it’s delightfully ridiculous.

The clip begins with Thompson and three family members standing in front of a long foil-lined dining table covered entirely in nachos. Thompson holds a pot of melted cheese while her family members, decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters, stand in a single-file line behind her while holding bowls of various nacho ingredients.

As Megan Thee Stallion’s Girls in the Hood starts playing, Thompson circles the table, pouring the pot of cheese onto the nacho chips. She’s quickly followed by her three other family members, throwing down tomatoes, salsa and shredded cheese, before they all break down into dance. 

While Thompson’s final video of the nacho recipe has more than 1.3 million views and counting, somehow a TikTok of Thompson and her family practicing making the nachos has garnered the most attention, with 11.1 million views and counting. 

“There was a practice round.”

Viewers were amused by the view discrepancy between the two videos, as well as the fact that there was a practice round in the first place. 

“Not the practice version getting more views,” one user teased. 

“I love the fact that this was organized, and there was a practice round,” one user mentioned. 

“Just here to support the actual video,” wrote one supportive fan, to which Thompson replied, “Girl right, I don’t know why that other one is blowing up right now. We are literally acting like we are doing it!” 

Hopefully, if Thompson and her family decide to do something similar this holiday season, the final cut will receive more views than the dress rehearsal. 

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