Family’s unconventional birthday tradition is a real ‘scream’

Your family probably has some kind of birthday tradition.

For me, it’s that the birthday person gets to pick what food you eat all day.

For Maddy Kelly, it’s that you have to scream at the top of your lungs while you slice your cake.

She shared footage of the fascinating tradition to TikTok, much to her audience’s delight.

“My family has a tradition where you scream when you cut your birthday cake and if you don’t scream loud enough my grandma roasts you,” she wrote in the video.

Kelly told In The Know that it’s not always popular among her family members.

“It’s very divisive because half of our family literally hates it,” she said. “But I will say that everyone does scream when its their birthday.”

The tradition started when her mom’s friend told them about it. It quickly became their own.

Kelly said that her grandmother, who she calls Rinkie, is “truly the best screamer.”

“My dad does a sort of ‘ahhh’ like he’s surprised that always cracks me up,” she told In The Know.

In a follow-up video, Rinkie demonstrated what a “good scream” is to her.

Many outsiders have been exposed to the family tradition, and Kelly said that some have even adopted the tradition as their own.

Commenters were also inspired by the unconventional celebration.

“Are you looking to adopt a somewhat well-adjusted 35 year old? My bday is next week and I love this,” one user wrote.

“This is the funniest tradition I’ve ever heard and yet I want to do it all the time,” another said.

I personally can’t wait until my next birthday so I can terrify my loved ones with a quirky new ritual.

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