Fans call out Chrissy Teigen over ‘tone-deaf’ tweet

Chrissy Teigen is once again the subject of some social media drama.

On May 19, the “Cravings” author admitted that she once bought a Celine bag — which retails for thousands of dollars — just so she “wouldn’t feel guilty about asking to use the bathroom.”

“Anyone that knows me knows this is very true all too often,” Teigen wrote in response to a fan’s recollection of the incident.

Though many fans generally related to what Teigen was saying, they also noted that their equivalent was “buying a McFlurry” or something else far less expensive.

“Make it a six pack of mcnuggets and thats me,” one person said.

Given how much money Teigen seemingly threw away just to go to the bathroom, many Twitter users found her nonchalant attitude toward money to be “tone deaf.”

“This tweet sucks,” one person commented. “I’ve always defended you and still feel inclined to? Not that you need me to. But this is gross. Everybody lost their jobs. A Celine bag is 3k.”

“This is called spoiled,” another user added. “Use a Starbucks and donate that wasted money.”

“Nah but really, meanwhile some of us are struggling to pay bills and this one is paying £2,000 to take a piss,” a third person said. “Tone. Deaf. Read the room Chrissy luv.”

For her part, Chrissy noted via Instagram Stories that she has given away some of the items she’s bought out of guilt.

Credit: Instagram

When she bought “like 5 wedding dresses [she] knew [she] would never actually wear because [she] felt guilty about ‘just trying on dresses,'” for instance, Teigen gave the extra dresses away.

“THOSE WENT TO GREAT HOMES,” she said in reference to the wedding gowns.

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