Fans freak out over fake ‘Selling Sunset’ drama

A TikTok user exposed some behind-the-scenes footage that proves a plot point in the first season of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” might have actually been staged — a first for reality TV!

The user, Sayo, who says she’s a clothing brand founder and real estate developer on her Instagram bio, shared a clip of her watching an episode where “Selling Sunset” cast members Christine Quinn and Heather Rae Young find themselves locked out of a very expensive property moments before one of Heather’s clients is supposed to arrive to take a tour.

The mishap caused a rift between Christine and Heather, further framing Christine as the villain of the show.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

In reality, Sayo claims in a TikTok that the house featured in the episode was actually hers. “I’ve never even met her,” Sayo says in the on-screen text.


I had no idea this show became so popular and thought I’d share BTS #fyp #realityshow #realestate #luxuryhomes #losangeles #sellingsunset #netflix

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In the comments, Sayo quickly clarifies that she’s simply saying that this scene was made up because she was not in Europe and not working with Christine to sell the house — she’s never even met Christine. Instead, she had hired Jason Oppenheim, Christine and Heather’s boss, “Selling Sunset” costar and founder of the real estate brokerage Oppenheim Group, and he had proposed the house be featured on the show.

“How is this even allowed?” one user commented.

“I hired Jason to sell it, he brought up the new show, they assured me it wouldn’t be dramatic,” Sayo said. In another comment, she said she thought the footage would be good publicity for the house, which she is genuinely trying to sell, but didn’t know producers had set up a fight to occur outside.

“The producers, crew, talent had access to the house the entire time,” Sayo explained. She said she kept the keys in a lockbox for them.

As for the house, Sayo said that it’s still on the market and available to stay in on Airbnb. She no longer works with Jason.

In regards to Christine, Sayo called her a “great actress.”

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