Fashion designer upcycled potato chip wrappers into a chic outfit

Asho, who goes by the handle yoasho on TikTok, knows how to make a look work. The fashion designer elevates unconventional materials to make fierce outfits. She has used everything from plastic cutleryReynolds Wrap and grey plastic bags to make vibrant, eye-catching outfits. 

Armed with a Singer heavy duty sewing machine, Asho’s fabric manipulation of chip wrappers is just as chic. 

“Oh, ’cause I thought Frito Lay said something,” Asho said with a laughing emoji in the video caption

The brief TikTok shows the potato chip wrappers left from a few variety packs of Cheetos, Ruffles, Fritos, Funions and Doritos. Then it cuts to Asho sewing the wrappers together like a patchwork quilt. However, the finished product looks like anything but a few fabrics patched together. 

Asho made a mini skirt, a shrug and a bandeau top out of the materials. She cut each wrapper into a square, then placed them so that the logos are visible and recognizable. The popular chip bags reference the style of fashion brand logos, a common feature of streetwear.

Asho rocks the outfit, tailored perfectly to her form, as she struts down the hallway at the end of the clip.  

“This looks like a project runway challenge in the best possible way,” one TikTok user wrote

“She really said: I’m a snack,” another person commented

“AMAZING. Creative. Artistic,” someone added

And for those who are concerned about the crumbs situation, Asho mentioned in the comments section that she thoroughly cleaned the bags twice.

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