8 fashion experts share their advice for WFH style

As many of us take the pledge to #stayhome, finding that extra push to slip out of our pajamas hasn’t been all that easy. That’s the reason I tapped some of the industry’s most successful females to get some words of wisdom on work-from-home dressing.

From Dani Michelle, the brains behind Kourtney Kardashian’s next-level outfits, to one of fashion’s most talked about new names, Fe Noel, and top editors, these experts are sharing their tips and advice for making the transition from office to couch.

This doesn’t mean looking to your favorite blazer or a pair of pumps. The lesson here is to wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident and productive. If that means spending the day in your sweatpants, then you’re doing it right.

Ahead, scroll on to see what these eight fashion experts are reaching for in their wardrobes amid our new normal. A common thread? Les Tien sweatsuits and Live The Process knits.

Dani Michelle, Celebrity Stylist

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just waiting for my next “live”

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On putting yourself together: “To be honest, I’m enjoying the ability to be totally comfortable at home when i’m working privately.  I still keep my routines of face lotions and body lotions, but I’m soaking up the ability to take a break from my jeans!”

Style tips for your next Zoom meeting: “When taking a visual call I go one of two ways, but both with the same mentality of effortless.  I either wear a white shirt, which is supper timeless and clean, or a silk shirt that feels more dressed up, but still really at ease.”

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “I love Storets, Les Tien, Leset, SKIMS, Fleur du Mal, Brandy Melville, Commando, Barefoot Dreams, CLUB FANTASY.”

Her go-to quarantine outfit: “My go-to outfit has been a pair of cool sweatpants and a Brandy mini top.”

How she stays motivated: “I think when I get dressed, I feel more excited to tackle my tasks!”

A piece of advice: “Check in with your favorite jeans every once in a while to make sure they still fit the same…you don’t want a scary awakening when we all go back into the public!”

Kerry Pieri, Harper’s Bazaar Digital Fashion/Features Director

On the importance of putting yourself together: “I think mentally it’s important to delineate the day and changing out of pjs even if it’s into a chic lounge outfit does that.”

Tips to getting dressed from the top-up: “I think as long as you don’t have a top you wouldn’t wear outside on, you’re fine. But it can also be something nice to look forward to. Why not put on a red lip and your favorite blouse for a call? It just might help your confidence and overall performance.”

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “I love Live the Process knit sets, Les Tien sweatsuit sets, Naked Cashmere sweaters, and Olivia von Halle cashmere tracksuits. “

Her go-to quarantine outfit: “The Les Tien sweatpants and sweatshirt are a big one but I also am wearing a lot of jeans, sweaters and New Balance if I get to take a little distanced walk.”

How she stays motivated: “Getting dressed is something that makes me happy so why would I want to totally abandon that? My clothing philosophy always prioritizes comfort so I’m just sticking to the plan.”

A piece of fashion advice: “It should be about feeling as good as we can right now, your mental and physical health are so important, and if getting dressed helps achieve that, make it a priority!”

Chrissy Rutherford, Digital Creator/ Brand Consultant

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If I wasn’t at home I’d be wearing this

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On the importance of putting yourself together: “I think if you’re someone who needs to stay focused and productive during the day, putting on a casual look that you could get away with in the office would probably be helpful. When I was working in an office I was definitely someone who felt most productive in an outfit that made me feel good. However, I’m on a bit of a sabbatical, so dressing up isn’t super important to me unless I’m specifically creating content. However, this quarantine situation has really made me realize that I have quite an extensive collection of loungewear.”

Waist-up style tips for your Zoom meeting: “Keep it simple, throw on your favorite top or sweater, with a pair of black leggings and you’re good to good. I’d probably throw in a pair of simple hoop earrings as well since the focus is on the face.”

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “My go-to’s are Leset, Sleeper, Lunya, and Oyun. I also love a good onesie, I have some from Are You Am I and Inamorata and they’re quite comfy.”

Her go-to outfit during quarantine: “I love a matching set, much like I did in a pre-quarantine world”

How she stays motivated: “I’m not motivated to get dressed up, and I think that’s okay. I’ve spent a good portion of my life always dressed up, so I’m giving my wardrobe a rest.”

A piece of advice: “For me, I like to look good at home even if it’s just for myself. So I don’t hold on to raggedy t-shirts or clothes with holes to just wear around the house—wearing clothes at home that you actually wouldn’t want anyone to see you in doesn’t really encourage confidence!”

Gabby Prescod, Style Lead at Bustle Digital Group

On the importance of putting yourself together: “For me, I know I need a routine and structure to my day so I try to keep to as much of my old schedule as possible. That means, waking up, getting dressed, and making my bed. I know I won’t be productive if I sit around in my pajamas all day so putting on real clothes, even if its just leggings, helps me.”

Tips to getting dressed from the top-up: “I haven’t had any meetings where I needed to “dress up” but I would say a nice sweater or Oxford shirt should do it.”

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “I love Live the Process and I recently have been getting into this brand called Cashmere in Love. I think there is something so chic about an all knit monochromatic look! And I’ve been obsessed with Cotton Citizens for a bold color and tie dye cozy set”

Her go-to outfit during quarantine: “I have a lot of Girlfriend and Tory Sport workout sets. They’re so easy to throw on and not have to think about putting together an outfit and they make you feel like getting things done but are comfortable enough to wear at home. It’s a very fine line, finding the balance but Girlfriend does it for me.”

How she stays motivated:  “I really do need structure so if getting dressed is part of my routine its easy for me. I also try to get out of the house at least once a week so I know if I get dressed in the morning, I can do that any day even if I don’t necessarily have plans to go out that day. I’m not putting on jeans or anything because that would be too much. I’m sure when this is over, I’m going to struggle putting a real outfit together but I hope that’s like riding a bike and it’ll come back to me.”

A piece of fashion advice: “Do whatever works for you and what you feel comfortable in! Don’t feel pressure to do or wear certain things just because you see other people getting dressed in full outfits. Everyone is different and handling this situation differently and its fine to find and do whatever makes you feel the most secure!”

Emilia Petrarca, Fashion News Writer at The Cut

On the importance of putting yourself together: “On a practical level, it makes me feel more alert to take a shower, brush my teeth, and put on underwear. I’m talking really basic stuff, because that is not a given for me right now. I haven’t been getting too dressed up. I’ll maybe put on my “fancy” sweatsuit when we cook a beautiful meal. On a spiritual level, exerting some sense of style does make me feel more like myself, and makes each day feel different.”

Tips to getting dressed from the top-up: “Zoom meetings are really the only thing motivating me to take a shower these days. I try to put on a graphic sweater, or something bright to cheer myself up, but also those watching. In the Before Time, we dressed to impress and entertain other people, and I think that carries over into virtual life as well. A strange sweater, or a fun scarf, or a weird hat is something to talk about that isn’t depressing. “

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “I’ve been wearing a lot of super-soft sweatsuits by Lou & Grey. They feel so good, but aren’t precious; I can throw them in the washing machine 100 times. My favorite fancy matching set brand is Suzie Kondi. Velour feels elevated and their colors are super rich.”

Her go-to outfit during quarantine: “I have these very luxurious Cosabella pajamas that I wear about 50-percent of the day, until I decide to become a real person. Then I’ll put on one of my sweatsuits after I shower. I rotate between Entireworld, Lou & Grey, Suzie Kondi, Bleusalt, and Juicy Couture. A range! It’s good to mix it up.”

How she stays motivated: “Seeing what other people are doing on Instagram is motivating, as always. Staying in touch with friends and family is super important, too. I dress up for them because I want to show them I’m still alive, and still me. “

A piece of fashion advice: “There is absolutely no need to dress up if you don’t feel like it. Do whatever you want, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.”

Felisha Noel, Designer and Founder of Fe Noel

On the importance of putting yourself together: “As a little girl my mom use to say on the weekends even if you have no plans you should shower and get dressed. And I would always ask why? As i’ve gotten older I realized it adds optimism to your day. In these most recent times just waking up alone is a cause to meet the day with your best foot forward. I encourage myself and others to still get dress, spray your favorite scent and put on your red lipstick even if it’s just to walk from the kitchen to the living room and back.”

Tips to getting dressed from the top-up: “My best tip is get creative. Wear a top that has detailing by the neck or shoulders and if its plain like a collard shirt put on a silk scarf or nice necklace. Accessories make a huge difference and show effort like a cute headband or earrings. Everyone seeing you all dressed will make them want to do the same or at the very least put a smile on their faces. “

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “Of course I have to say my own Fe essentials collection by Fe Noel is perfect for lounging around. Two of my favorites is the boyfriend tee and rose linen pant.”

Go-to outfit during quarantine: “The Fe Noel oversized button up shirt and the Boyfriend tee with vintage mom jeans.”

How she stays motivated: “When I open my eyes I literally have to self motivate myself. Once you do it the proof is in the pudding. Getting dressed puts you in a better mood. You’ll find yourself face-timing more or walking over to the mirror often. Now more than ever it is clear that all we ever have is the present moment, and we need to enjoy that.”

A piece of fashion advice: “Everyone needs a laugh during this time maybe try incorporating things that you wouldn’t normally wear to work. For example a silly hat. Have fun!”

Alexa Eshaghian and Jenna Podolsky, Founders of Curated NY

On the importance of putting yourself together: “Personally when I feel put together I feel more inclined to get things done. If I fall out of routine I become lazy and it’s harder to make sure I’m staying on top of everything. “

Tips to getting dressed from the top-up: “Keep the cozy sweats on and throw on a presentable top. Also fun to throw on a cool pair of earrings / if need be a little concealer to feel more put together!”

Favorite cozy loungewear brand: “I’ve been in an Alo Yoga matching set that I love,” Alexa shared. As for Jenna: “Honestly don’t have a favorite brand, I just try and throw on a t shirt with a cool pair of joggers or leggings.”

Her go-to outfit during quarantine: “If I’m not working out and in workout apparel you can find me in an oversized sweatshirt or a matching set. I’ve been loving the tie-dye trend as well and have a few pieces that I’ve been wearing,” Alexa explained. Jenna’s go-to is a “t-shirt with a cool pair of joggers everyday to keep cozy. “

How she stays motivated: “When you look good, you feel good. This is the one thing we essentially have control over during this time – so it’s important to make sure you feel your best everyday… or at least most days. “

A piece of fashion advice: What better time than now to go through your closet and see what you have hiding in there. Think — “in with the old, out with the new.” A lot of old trends are making their way back and we bet that you can find a bunch of great pieces to wear hidden in your very own closet.

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