Father joins mariachi band and instantly steals the show

When a dad tries to steal the spotlight in public, it can get a little embarrassing for the kids. One daughter, however, was proud of her father’s unabashed display of talent. 

TikToker Jessica and her dad were out at a restaurant where a mariachi band was performing for the diners. Mariachi is a kind of Mexican folk music ensemble that features string instruments like the guitar and violin. Its origins date back to the 1500s when natives blended their musical traditions with the music of enslaved Africans and Spanish colonizers. Hundreds of years later, mariachi is still loved. 

Jessica’s dad is quite the seasoned mariachi performer. While the band was playing, he excitedly joined in on one of their musical numbers. 


Mexicans am I right ❤️🤌🏼 also let’s appreciate the little boys talent #fyp

♬ original sound – Jessica

 “When your dad takes over the show at a restaurant. LITERALLY,” Jessica said in the caption. 

The dad expertly played the violin and had no trouble keeping up with the mariachi band. At one point, he began singing, totally taking over the vocal performance. There was also a little boy in the clip playing the violin. He looked like he was having the time of his life. 

The video scored 12.7 million views, with many people praising the father’s talent. 

“You can tell his love for music runs deep,” one person said

“Your dad is the main character,” another wrote

“Everyone sees the little boy shredding, or is that just me?” someone added

Since the video went viral, Jessica has convinced her dad to start his own TikTok account featuring his performances. 

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