Father and son wear matching Princess Elsa dresses to the movies: ‘That’s how you raise a good human being’

A father’s touching gesture went viral on social media — and it’s pretty much guaranteed to hit you in the feels

Scott Stuart is a dad from Melbourne, Australia. Like lots of other little boys, his son Colin loves princesses, fairies and pink toys. But he might be an even bigger fan of Frozen and Princess Elsa.

Back in 2020, Colin was being bullied at daycare for having an Elsa doll. His interests, while perfectly normal, are not what some people considered to be things a boy should like. 

Stuart is super supportive of Colin and amidst the bullying, the dad was eager to be there for his son. His acceptance may be best captured in a brief TikTok

“My son wanted to dress as Elsa to go to the cinema,” Stuart said. “I said there’s no way you’re doing that alone.” 

The father cut to a clip of him and Colin, both dressed as Princess Elsa, as they headed to the theater. The video racked up over 21.6 million views. 

“I’m crying,” one person wrote.

“That is so sweet,” another said.

“That’s how you raise a good human being,” a user commented.

At first, the father was shy about sharing the details of his and his son’s special bond. 

“I actually wasn’t interested in sharing our journey online originally, but my wife said something to me that really impacted me,” Stuart told the Star Observer. “She said, ‘there are so many young boys out there that have the same interests as Colin, but they’re not being accepted for who they are. They need someone out there who they can look to for that acceptance.’” 

Stuart has since authored a best-selling children’s book, My Shadow is Pink, about a little boy who wonders why his shadow is pink and not blue like the other men in his life. He’s now working on two booksHow To Be A Real Man, and My Shadow is Blue. 

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