Help! What the heck should I get my dad for Father’s Day?

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Hi Group Chat,

My dad is so hard to shop for, and Father’s Day is coming up on June 20. What gift ideas do you recommend for dad this year?

Sincerely, World’s Best Daughter

Julia Webb, who prides herself on giving non-boring gifts, says: Instead of giving a shirt or a tie to my dad on Father’s Day, I like to go with something a little more unique (and I save the shirt or tie for his birthday!). If you’ve never shopped on Uncommon Goods’ website, you’re missing out.

Uncommon Goods has a ton of fun and thoughtful gifts that feel a lot more special than what you typically find in a department store. From specialty cocktail kits to movie trivia games to clever camping gadgets, they really have a little bit of everything. I mean how cool are these ballpark pint glasses or this monthly subscription for history-buffs? Blow dad away with a thoughtful gift this year!

Credit: Uncommon Goods

Jeanine Edwards, who prides herself on being a really good gift-giver, says: Ugh, why are dads so hard to shop for?? Over the years, I’ve come to rely on three different Father’s Day gift options. First, any gadget or tech thing. Dads are notorious for buying gadgets they don’t really need, so take a cue. Does my dad need an Amazon Echo Show? Probably not. Will he have fun figuring every weird, random thing it can do? Yep. That’s a win in my book.

Slippers are another go-to gift of mine. I know it’s kind of random, but hey, dads like being comfortable. I took a chance and got my dad a pair of Dearfoams one year, and now he loves them. He wants a pair for upstairs, downstairs, the garage! These are really great because they mold to your foot and are so soft and cushy.

Last but not least, my no-fail gift recommendation for dad is a monogrammed Dopp kit. This is probably something a dad would never buy himself, but it’s actually really useful and practical. Whether he’s traveling for work or pleasure, these little cases are so handy to store shaving equipment, toothbrushes, contact lenses, you name it. I really like the luxe leather ones you can get on Etsy and have personalized with dad’s initials. 

Credit: Amazon, Dearfoams, Etsy

Danny Menendez, who pays close attention to his dad’s hobbies, says: Generally speaking, dads are not the best at giving hints about what kind of gifts they like, and my dad is no exception to this theory. What I would suggest is to get something that compliments his hobbies. My dad absolutely loves cooking for the family, especially on Sundays. So this year, I’m going to get him a good chef’s knife from Zelite Infinity. I personally think Japanese knives are the way to go!  I have one of these in my kitchen and they’re worth every penny!

Credit: Amazon

Carley Sposta, whose dad is a little too “yee-haw,” says: Gifting for Father’s Day is a lot easier when you’re familiar with your dad’s hobbies and sense of humor. If you can combine the two in a single gift, even better! My father is a sportsman who loves ATV’s and grilling meat — the quintessential “manly-man” dad. Things like this hot sauce variety pack in dynamite-style packaging or a wild game cook book are all things up his alley. The man named his fishing boat Budweiser for God’s sake.

Credit: Amazon

Taylor Bell, whose dad is really particular about his fashion, says: I know a lot of dads don’t like to ask for anything on Father’s Day, which makes gift-giving pretty challenging. In that case, I recommend getting dad something he can actually use. Think about what he likes to do and see if you can find something that will help him do it and do it better. For example, my dad really likes to stay active by hitting the gym. If your dad is like mine, then getting him more athleisure like this UA Training Hybrid Jacket may be just the thing he needs. Apart from being a stylish jacket, it’s super breathable and gives him a lot of stretch so he can comfortably move around during his workout. Additionally, it dries up moisture and sweat quickly so he won’t have to worry about soaking his gym clothes.

Credit: Under Armour

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