Father’s Factory creates beautifully crafted toys that are made to last

This father started a toy brand that specializes in creating beautiful, durable toys that inspire children to think outside the box and embrace their creativity! 

Jimmy Chen, a father of two and founder of Father’s Factory, started the brand because he wanted to create a higher-quality toy for his kids.

As a graphic designer with nearly 30 years of experience, Chen has a high standard for product design. When he started buying toys for his kids, he quickly found that many of the toys he was purchasing were poorly designed. 

“My wife told me, ‘why don’t you just design something for your kids?’” said Chen. 

So design something he did! Chen started by designing larger toys, but then moved on to design the Original 35MM Wooden Toy Camera, which became the brand’s signature toy. 

“I am always curious about what my kids see,” said Chen, who wanted to introduce classic cameras to kids because most kids take photos exclusively using smartphones. The wooden cameras inspire kids to view the world through an artistic lens, and the clickable button allows for the ultimate training tool for a young photographer. 

Father’s Factory also offers a Super 16 Wooden Toy Camera, which is equipped with a tripod and a kaleidoscope lens, perfect for future filmmakers! 

While Chen’s wooden cameras don’t actually take pictures, Father’s Factory now has an actual functioning paper camera in their fleet of one-of-a-kind toys. The PaperCam Paper Digital Camera  comes in cute designs and is made with just a memory card, a motherboard, two batteries and a paper case!  

Chen’s toys are designed to be fun for kids, but he also puts effort into the overall aesthetic of the product, knowing that parents would prefer to have toys that can fit in nicely to any room in the house. 

“As a designer I always believe less is more,” said Chen. “I want to make sure it looks very simple. I also want to make sure that it’s eye-catching. When [the toys] are placed on the shelf, it’s a piece of decoration.” 

Chen’s toys are definitely pleasing to the eye, and it’s clear that each toy is built to last, and designed with care and purpose. Chen hopes that he can pass down his enthusiasm for creativity and craftsmanship to his kids. 

“[I tell them] one day when you grow up, when you find a job, make sure you find a job you like and make sure that’s where your happiness comes from,” said Chen. 

Father’s Factory is at the forefront of creative, beautiful long-lasting toys, and with Chen leading the way, the brand will continue to create toys that supply a lifetime’s worth of fun memories! 

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