Dad’s trick to help son improve grades divides TikTok

A father who was fed up with his son’s academic performance came up with an idea to improve his grades, in a TikTok that has since sparked a debate.

On Feb. 14, user @letzgofishing shared his plan on the social media platform, recording himself building a box out of wood.

“My son showed me his report card,” the user wrote in a text overlay. “His math grade is starting to decline. He wants to be a [‘YouTuber’], so he spends a good amount of time playing video games.”


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As the father attaches a couple of metal latches to the box, his strategy to improve his son’s grades slowly comes into the picture.

“I decided to help motivate him get his grades up,” he wrote, showing the final result: a box with his son’s video games locked inside. A whiteboard sits atop the box with a number of equations that, when solved, unlock the combination to the makeshift safe.

The father’s plan has since received over 4.4 million views and divided TikTok users, some of whom criticized him for not coming up with a more encouraging way to help his son.

“Ahh yes my kids grade is slipping so instead of asking him if he’s been stressed lately and helping him, I lock away the things he loves,” one person commented sarcastically.

“I was disappointed not seeing something supportive,” a second simply posted in response.

Others, however, defended the father for coming up with what they presumably thought was a creative idea.

“People are soft now,” one person wrote. “I think this is great. Electronics are privileges. If you’re not meeting expectations, you have consequences.”

“Good job!!” another added. “You did what needed to be done!!”

It’s unclear whether the father’s son has gotten his math grade up since, but one thing’s for sure: he probably won’t be playing video games anytime soon until he does.

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