TikTokers claim faux sheer tights keep you warm and stylish — but do they really work?

These winter faux-sheer tights that trick the eye have TikTokers completely obsessed. 

On the outside, the tights appear translucent. But on the inside, they’re lined with fleece to keep your legs ultra-warm during cold months. The hashtag #fleecetights currently has over 215,000 views on TikTok. But do these tights live up to the hype? Watch as In The Know’s Lisa Azcona tests a pair of the tights she snagged from Amazon

“As I try them on, I’m going to be reviewing its wearability, its ability to keep me warm and its overall look.” Lisa says. “To do so, I’m going to be comparing it to classic sheer tights.” 

The tights are thicker and stiffer than a classic pair. And that makes them kind of hard to get on. 

“They’re definitely tight, but once they’re on, they feel comfortable. And they don’t add a ton of extra volume. They feel less bulky than I thought they would,” she explains. 

Lisa notes that the foot area is not covered in fleece, so you still have to wear socks with these. While the tights give the illusion of sheerness, the fleece material peeks through the tights. 

“I don’t think it accurately represents my skin tone,” Lisa says. “Therefore, I don’t think this would work too well on all skin tones. That’s definitely an issue because that means that this product, from this particular brand, is not very inclusive.”

Sizing was another potential issue with the tights. 

“These tights only come in one size and claim to fit people who weigh up to 165 pounds,” she says. “I weigh 120 pounds, and I truly struggled to get these on — and I’m slim to begin with. So I think it would be awesome if this brand had more options that cater to different body types.” 

The next test was putting them to work outside in New York City’s 41-degree Fahrenheit weather. 

“After standing outside for 10 minutes with both types of tights, I can confidently say that the fleece-lined tights did, in fact, make a huge difference,” she says. “My legs were so warm. I did not even feel a light breeze. But with the classic sheer tights, I was legitimately freezing.”

While Lisa thinks the tights are great for keeping your legs warm, this particular brand doesn’t seem to cater to very diverse bodies. 

“I wouldn’t discount them completely, though,” Lisa declares. “There may be another brand that offers more inclusive options. And if that’s the case, these are definitely a must-have wardrobe staple for the winter.” 

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