TikTok users are poking fun at a cringeworthy saying

TikTok users are having a blast making fun of a popular slang phrase. 

A viral video featuring a group of friends saying “fax no printer” has now become the butt of the joke. Here’s why TikTokers are sharing the hilarious meme.

What does fax no printer mean on TikTok? 

The slang term “fax, no printer, copy, no translate” is a play on words. 

Fax is shorthand for “facts” and of course, a fax machine is in the printer family. Some printers do what else? Copy. But copy also refers to the phrase “copy, that,” as in confirmation. When you want to translate a sentence you usually “copy” it but, here there’s “no translate” because the message is clear, right? 

How did the phrase become popular this time around?

The phrase caught on thanks to a video by @briaalanaa

“Heyo, the person that sent you this wants you to know,” she said.

“We need to get the gang together for a little road trip, you heard me,” her friend said.

“No cap. Fax, no printer,” she said.

“Copy,” another friend says, appearing from off-screen.

“No translate,” two more friends say as they come into the frame. 

Now people are making fun of the original video

After @briaalanaa’s video went viral, TikTok users were eager to tease the corniness of it. 


#duet with @gloryboyjai yeah it don’t work lydat ! lmaoo so many doing this “ trend” and ain’t tagging me 😀 then ms mamma saying I’m bullying

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

The user @_samuladrian_ dueted @gloryboyjai (who appeared in the original video) and the two made fun of “Fax, no printer” by making grunts and noises in the cadence of the original video. 

Then @josiah.hughes captioned his video where he lamented his inability to score a viral video, “I spit fax and only fax (no printer).” 

But @tahrenelson had a more positive take on the meme – sort of.

“Ayo, the person who sent you this wants you to know that you’re beautiful. Fax, no printer. Flower, no petal. Period, stank. Diaper, no booboo,” she said

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