FaZe Ewok comes out as transgender on National Coming Out Day

One gamer decided to celebrate National Coming Out Day in a very special way.

FaZe Clan’s Fortnite player Ewok revealed that he’s transgender on Oct. 11 in honor of National Coming Out Day. In a Twitlonger post (thanks, Ginx), the 15-year-old pro gamer formally announced that he identifies as male and is also bisexual.

Ewok explained that he never felt comfortable in his own body and often “dressed up like a boy” as a young child. After years of struggle, he finally decided to come out.

“I want to be open about it and educate people but feel comfortable with myself…” Ewok wrote in the post. “This is truly a big decision and I know it’ll impact some people. I’ll need y’all support… It means the world to me. Thank you.”

Ewok’s announcement was met by a wave of support from fellow gaming personalities and, notably, his own clan.

When FaZe Clan signed Ewok in 2019, he made waves at the time for being the first female member of the clan. The then 14-year-old wunderkind was already turning heads at the age of 13 for being so skilled at Fortnite.

Perhaps even more impressive was the revelation that Ewok is deaf. He was easily beating out older players relying on nothing but eyesight.

Earlier in 2019, several major streamers such as Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar and Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo took notice of Ewok and spotlighted him on their respective streams, which gained the young streamer thousands of new followers.

It led to some heartwarming moments, like when Ewok met Mizkif for the first time at Twitchcon 2019.

We wish nothing but the best for Ewok as he begins this new chapter in his life.

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