Sorry Millennials, it looks like feather hair extensions are trendy again

As Y2K trends like velour tracksuits and low-rise jeans come back into style, it was only a matter of time until the worst trends of the 2010s resurfaced as well.

Addison Rae, the second most-followed TikTok user who will soon make her debut as a movie star as well, showed off a 2011 staple on social media — feather hair extensions.

Ten years ago, tons of tastemakers rocked the trend, but popstar Kesha was perhaps the most notorious for the look. Her 2010 song “Cannibal” emerged as a TikTok staple in 2020, so it was only a matter of time before her influence returned to permeate popular culture.

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“Just as the prophecy foretold, feather extensions are back,” TikTok user @rod, who described himself in his bio as an “anxious Millennial,” said in a stitch made from Rae’s post.

Other anxious Millennials were distressed over the news. Hundreds of commenters echoed the same sentiment — we are not ready to see this trend again. It was embarrassing back then, and we aren’t ready to experience the same old mistakes reemerging like Brood X.

“I keep feeling older and older on this app,” one user said.

“Society is regressing,” another wrote.

“God I’m so old,” a third commented.

As Stylecaster noted, it’s important to avoid letting your feather extensions cross the border into cultural appropriation territory, so avoid investing in any kind of headdress if that’s not your heritage. As with any trend, look into what culture it has been adapted from, and be respectful.

Rae’s feather hair extensions are so thin, they might as well be the striped clip-in extensions found in the most emo of aisles in the local Hot Topic. She’s the only major influencer to indulge thus far, but she does have a cool 80 million followers, so that’s not nothing.

It looks like we can hide from 2011 all we want, but it’s still coming back.

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