1-year-old fed by feeding tube lights up when she tries a popsicle for the very first time: ‘Her joy is everything’

A toddler’s unbridled joy was captured on camera when she experienced her very first popsicle, and TikTok’s heart is melting.

Mom Kelsey Ward gained nearly 30 million views, 5 million likes and 30,000 comments when she uploaded the touching footage to her TikTok account.

Now, much like the legally blind toddler who couldn’t contain her happiness when she saw her mom’s face for the very first time, little Scarlett’s pure joy has touched people’s hearts around the world.

Scarlett, who was born with gastroparesis and hereditary spherocytosis, uses a feeding tube for eating.

While her parents are unsure whether or not she’ll always require a feeding tube, they’ve expressed that they’re “thankful for the feeding tube because it keeps her alive.”

Scarlett receives almost all of her nutrients via her G-tube, or gastronomy tube. However, the sweet 1-year-old is allowed to sample small amounts of certain foods — something that almost never fails to put a huge smile on her face.

Now, Kelsey’s little “tubie” — an affectionate term referring to anyone fed by a feeding tube, according to the mom — touches TikTokers hearts with her joyful taste tests.

“I AM SO BEYOND ELATED BY THIS VIDEO. MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT,” one user cried in the comments.

“Girl, I just busted out crying. This is so sweet,” another user wrote.

“Taste buds exploding! Best feeling!” commented another user.

“I love how much awareness you bring to tubies!” one user lauded.

“As someone who was fed by a feeding tube and felt alone, this just made my whole day! She is super cute!” one user shared.

To this, Kelsey replied, “Thank you!!!! I can’t change the world, but [I’m] trying to make her feel accepted by raising awareness!”

Not does Kelsey help bring awareness to feeding tube users, but little Scarlett reminds everyone to enjoy the little things in life, like the lick of a popsicle or a spoonful of ice cream.

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