This Ferris wheel restaurant is the ultimate socially distanced dining experience

2020’s hottest restaurant is … a Ferris wheel?

At the very least, Costes, located in Budapest, Hungary, is the most 2020 restaurant out there right now. The Michelin-starred eatery recently opened a socially distanced dining experience inside an amusement park ride.

The rotating restaurant, located inside the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel, made its debut on October 17. Patrons lined up for a private, pandemic-safe tasting menu — all while spinning around the country’s biggest city.

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Szombaton a Costes Downtown a budapesti Óriáskereket újradefiniálva olyan (“Covid-biztos”) koncepciót mutatott a nagyközönségnek, amely egészen egyedülálló volt nem csak az étterem, de Magyarország történetében is. A Michelin-csillagos vacsoraélményt ezúttal a kabinokban szolgáltuk fel, amely kollégáink számára nem csupán a szerviz bonyolultsága, de a konyha kitelepülése miatt is bátor kihívásnak bizonyult – ám a visszajelzések tükrében ezt az akadályt is sikerült megugrani. Bár hasonló jellegű akciónk a közeljövőben nem várható, továbbra is várunk mindenkit szeretettel Vigyázó Ferenc utcai éttermünkben ( #experiencecostes #costesdowntown #magyarbor #borvalogatas #borválogatás #sommeliersselection #sommelierslife #sommelier #mystorywithmichelin #finedining #stayathome #challengeyourself #eatwellbewell #mutimiteszel #mutimitfőzöl #mutimitiszol #hungarianwine #wineporn #foodporn #michelinstar #budapestrestaurant #budapestfinedining #tastingmenu #newmenu #hungarianlife #budapestlife #budapestcitycenter #michelinstar #chefslife #chefsoninstagram #chefstalk

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According to Insider, the meal cost 48,000 forints (around $155 USD) per person — so it wasn’t exactly the cheapest experience. Still, each ticket included an elegant four-course meal and, of course, a spin around the wheel.

Karoly Gerendai, the restaurant’s owner, told Reuters that the idea stemmed from some tough months during the pandemic. Gerendai added that one of his locations had dropped to about one-tenth of its pre-lockdown turnout. Meanwhile, the Budapest Eye was seeing a similar absence of guests.

“Now that there are not many people either on the wheel or in the restaurant because there are no tourists, the opportunity arose that we could do this,” Gerendai told Reuters. “The Ferris wheel is ideal with its separate cabins so we can solve the issue of separate seating for guests.”

The idea seemed to pay off, as tickets reportedly sold out in just a few days. According to Insider, guests called the evening “a lifetime experience.”

“We wanted to get out a bit and enjoy an experience again because we have been living quite closed in,” Szabolcs Balazs, a patron, told Reuters.

It’s an experience Costes hopes to repeat, too. The restaurant has announced that it hopes to bring its Ferris wheel meals back next year, once the weather warms up again.

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