Woman’s twist on viral feta pasta recipe leaves TikTok users mortified

By now you’ve surely seen TikTok’s viral feta pasta recipe. Whether it delights or upsets you may vary, but that’s how it goes on the internet.

TikTok user @thehungerdiaries shared what can only be described as a bold take on what is usually just a smattering of tomatoes, feta, oil and spices.

She replaced the bed of tomatoes that usually makes up most of this dish with strawberries, and kept everything else reasonably similar —thus making the bulk of the dish sweet, while all of its additions remain savory.

User @thehungerdiaries did not add pasta at the end, either. She opted to eat the mixture directly from the pan.

Commenters were a bit disturbed.

“Girl, are you okay?” one wrote.

“This feels illegal to watch,” another said.

“Unbelievably upsetting,” a third remarked.

Some thought the dish could still be salvaged.

“Hear me out — a cheesecake version — strawberries instead of tomatoes, a block of cream cheese and then graham crackers on top,” one user said.

“Everyone on this app has the palate of a child. Strawberries are actually good in savory food,” another wrote.

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