Woman heartbroken after attempt at TikTok cooking trend goes horribly wrong

The feta pasta TikTok trend has gotten new life — thanks to a new, viral cooking fail on the app.

Several weeks ago, the divisive, fancy-looking recipe blew up online. Basically, everyone with a TikTok account and a glass baking dish gave it a try. Some users even went viral for making the recipe with insane alternate ingredients (like … strawberries?).

Now the trend is making the rounds again, thanks to a tragic cooking fail shared by a user named Miranda.


i got so much heat for not liking the feta pasta… guess the boursin pasta doesn’t like me /: ##fyp ##foryoupage ##fetapasta ##boursin

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In her clip, Miranda explains that she tried modifying the feta pasta recipe by using Boursin cheese instead. That’s not where her cooking attempt went wrong, though.

The video, which now has more than 7 million views, shows Miranda prepping the pasta dish and heating it in her oven. Then, right at the finish line — just as she’s pulling it out of her oven — she drops the pan.

As Miranda loses control, cheese, tomatoes, oil and more go splashing into her oven. Then, she turns the camera on her face, where she’s covering her mouth and apparently crying from laughter.

TikTok users were blown away by the cooking failure, and Miranda’s reaction. Many shared their shock and sympathy in the comments.

“I gasped out loud,” one user wrote.

“I would’ve cried for days,” another added.

“That was so unexpected, it was about to be so good too,” another wrote.

Other users felt particularly bad for Miranda’s oven — because, just, how do you even clean that?

“I would’ve just shut the oven and walked away,” one user commented.

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