Bride-to-be confounded by fiance’s ‘controlling’ honeymoon plans: ‘Do not marry this man’

A woman is furious after her fiance invited her future mother-in-law on their honeymoon.

She shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her boyfriend kept switching between planning a honeymoon with their families or going on one alone as a couple. Each time she would make a plan based on his whims. The issue arose when he invited his mom on the trip without consulting the Reddit poster first. 

“My boyfriend and I will get married in four months,” she said. “We planned our wedding ourselves and discussed everything including our honeymoon. At first, a few months ago, he said he want to change our honeymoon to a family vacation so his parents and my mom can get to know each other more. 

“I agreed so we researched where to go and for how long. But a few weeks after that he said he doesn’t want to bring his family because his relationship with them is kinda rough. I agreed again and researched again, a honeymoon plan for just the two of us.” 

But when he changed their honeymoon plans again, she had finally had enough. 

“Everything went fine until a few days ago I was shopping with my soon-to-be mother-in-law,” she explained. “On the ride home my boyfriend asked her if she wants to join our honeymoon. I was shocked and mad but I stayed silent.” 

“After I went home I texted him and said that I’m mad about that sudden change. Then he got mad as well because he thought I make a big deal of a not-so-important thing. In the end, we both got mad and are giving each other the silent treatment until now. I’m not mad because he changed the plan, I am mad because he didn’t talk to me first before asking his mom.”

Redditors didn’t think the fiance’s behavior was appropriate. 

“He is controlling! You are shutting up to keep the peace already,” someone warned

Do not marry this man. He does not respect you,” another wrote

“She needs to run for the hills,” a person said

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