Groom-to-be reconsiders wedding after discovering fiancée’s ‘awful’ plan: ‘So many red flags’

A groom-to-be postponed his wedding after his fiancée’s unsettling behavior.

He shared what happened while they were wedding plan on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. Before they met, his fiancée was engaged, but her partner died three weeks before the wedding. She rarely spoke of her ex, but when it came to picking a wedding date, the Reddit poster was horrified to learn she chose the same date as her previous ceremony.

“We didn’t have any issues until my fiancée and I started planning for our wedding,” he explained. “She suggested a specific date. And I had several reasons to not agree. One of them is that my mom is recovering from major surgery and since she’s my remaining family I want her there with me. My fiancee kept insisting and refused to compromise. But I was surprised when my brother-in-law contacted me saying his sister’s been sending out invitations with the date she picked. He then told me the reason his sister insisted on this specific date is because this was the exact date she and her late fiancé were going to get married. But it didn’t happen.” 

He confronted his fiancée, but that didn’t seem to change much. 

“She defended herself saying she didn’t think it’d matter if I knew this is the date when she and her late fiancé were getting married,” he wrote. “I said it matters to me. And she shouldn’t send out invitations without even telling me. I ended up sending everyone who received an invitation an email stating that the wedding is officially postponed. I didn’t give the real reason why but I did apologize. She let everyone know and everyone [has] been criticizing my stance calling me ridiculous and inconsiderate to postpone for a pathetic reason like that.”

Reddit users were on the groom-to-be’s side.

“Cancel the wedding. She’s simply awful,” one person commented.

“It’s your wedding just as much as it is hers,” another said

“There are so many red flags here,” a third person wrote.

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