TikToker calls out comedian over his joke about ‘faking’ a disability

A TikToker just called out a comedian from the U.K. for his ableist joke. 

Fin Taylor is known for being “contrarian,” if that’s what you’d call it. For example, in 2019 he staged a #MeToo-themed satire called When Harassy Met Sally that sparked major outrage for making light of sexual assault. 

It seems as though Taylor has not learned his lesson, as TikToker Mya Pol pointed out in a recent video. Poll, who is disabled, highlighted how Taylor’s recent set can do real-life harm, no matter what his intentions are. 


#stitch with @fintaylorcomedy Please be more mindful of the experiences of the communities you make jokes about to avoid causing harm #ProblematicJoke

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“I frequently identify as disabled,” the comedian joked, in reference to how he uses the handicapped bathroom stalls.

Mya had a bone to pick with how harmful the premise of the joke was to the disabled community. 

“Here, the joke is faking disability to use the accessible bathroom stalls in public,” Mya explained. “One thing I frequently mention on my page is how harmful the idea of faking disability really is to the community.” 

She added, “I don’t know a single disabled person who hasn’t been accused or harrassed for faking their disability because people have this strange obsession. So here we have a comedian with a large platform making jokes and normalizing harmful concepts about disabilities.” 

Additionally, the comedian’s excuse for faking the disability is problematic because he’s co-opting the only bathroom stall available to those who need it most. 

“If you don’t need accessible stalls, please don’t use them,” she said. “And also make funny jokes that aren’t at the expense of an entire community.” 

Many TikTok users with disabilities chimed in with their own experiences. 

“Girl, yes! I have been a para for 12 years and using public restrooms is a nightmare,” a user commented

“I get heated stares because sometimes I use the mobility carts. I guess ’cause I’m young, I don’t look like I’m disabled,” another added.

“I can’t tell you how many times people have accused me of faking. I had an ex who told me everything was in my head,” someone wrote

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