Terrifying fire tornado forms during firefighter training session

Footage of a rare fire tornado was captured by a Dutch firefighter

Guy Coopmans, a firefighter in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was recording a training session when the fire tornado formed. The team had staged a scenario where a truck was leaking fuel. The trainees had to extinguish the fire-causing foam. 

“Today I got to combine my work as a professional firefighter with my passion for storm (tornado) chasing. During our training on the Maasvlakte, I witnessed several breathtaking ‘Firenado’s’!” Coopmans said on Instagram

The setup included a giant semi-truck. Leaked fluid surrounded the vehicle causing fires to rapidly spread. The team was tasked with handling the situation like professionals. They flooded the flames with water from a distance. 

But as they put out the fire, water from the hose caused air to swirl rapidly, producing the “firenado.” The camera captured the tall funnel of fire as it twisted in place. Clouds of smoke formed around the fiery whirlwind. The firefighters continued to spray water on it and the funnel grew smaller and smaller until finally, it extinguished. It was definitely a sight to behold. 

According to USA Today, “fire tornadoes are “generated when intense heat from a wildfire causes hot air to rush up from the ground. All of the air rushing upward has to be replaced at the surface. As air comes in it sometimes starts to rotate.” 

Luckily, these terrifying fire twisters are pretty rare throughout history. 

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