Firefighters rescue people after truck loses control, falls into icy waters

Dramatic footage showed firefighters rescue two people stuck in a sinking pickup truck during the nor’easter on Feb. 1.

Firefighters from Stamford, Conn. were notified of a pickup truck with its frontend submerged in Long Island Sound’s icy waters at 2:10 p.m.

When officials arrived, a woman was standing in the truck bed. She had been able to escape through the back, but a man was trapped in the cab and the vehicle was around 40 feet from shore.

“The extreme winds, snow, and tide continued to move the vehicle and cause it to fill with water,” Deputy Fire Chief Matthew Palmer told the Stamford Advocate.

In the grueling video, the firefighters stretched their tower ladder to reach the truck. A team of emergency responders, including scuba divers and fire fighters, got into the water and were able to retrieve the man through the window. The truck quickly sunk after that.

“The firefighters in the water were able to calm the female occupant and assist her into the tower ladder. As weather conditions continued to deteriorate, the vehicle continued to submerge deeper into the frigid waters of Long Island Sound,” Palmer told the Stamford Advocate.

Fortunately, the man went to the hospital with only a few lacerations. The woman declined medical care.

Stamford Police told outlets that the driver was reportedly doing doughnuts in a nearby parking lot when the truck skidded into the water.

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