Influencer slammed over ‘high maintenance’ first date advice

A popular influencer’s first date advice has started a debate on TikTok over whether some plans are more “acceptable” than others.

Kornelija Slunjski (@kokobeaute) usually can usually get her audience to agree with her — or at least be on her side. Slunjski went viral in April after sharing coveted information on how to see who your significant other recently followed on Instagram.

But this time, TikTok viewers seemed split on her advice.

“NO to zero effort men,” Slunjski captioned the video, which has since racked up over 2.6 million views.

“I do not accept a coffee or a walk as a possible date option and neither should you,” she said in the clip. “First of all, I’m not a dog that needs to be walked. Second, I have a Nespresso machine at home — works fabulous[ly].”

An acceptable date option for Slunjski? Dinner.

“You’re going to pick me up, we’re going to come to the restaurant, we’re going to see your table manners,” she continued, “we’re going to see what you order, we’re going to see [if] you hold your chopsticks correctly.”

According to Slunjski, the benefit of a sit-down dinner is that she gets the chance to “study” her date. Commenters, for the most part, seemed furious.

“That’s so rude and disrespectful,” one commenter wrote. “Not even to the men … Also to the women who prefer coffee or walking.”

“Tell me you’re high maintenance and have ridiculous standards without telling me,” another added.

But some pointed out the logic in Slunjski’s first date standards.

“[This is] for people that are serious about dating,” someone pointed out.

“The stuff she mentioned is normal,” a commenter said. “People are settling for less and this seems high maintenance to them.”

Slunjski responded to the backlash in multiple videos, including one where she filmed herself pouring a glass of champagne while on what looks like is a private plane.

“I understand if you guys say that dinner is high maintenance, but that’s just, like, what I’m used to,” she said matter-of-factly.

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