TikToker reveals how to ‘hack’ the 1st date

An influencer’s advice on “how to hack the first date” has people wondering if it’s for everyone. 

TikToker @dthekorean dropped the advice, saying, “If this doesn’t work, there’s something wrong with you.” Based on a few factors, he concluded that ice skating was the ideal first date. However, not everyone was sure how the activity would actually play out in real life. 

He suggested going ice skating as a first date because it “breaks the physical barrier.” 

“Because everybody else is holding hands, you’re gonna be able to grab your partner’s hand really naturally, to the point where it’s going to feel awkward if you don’t,” he explained

Breaking the physical barrier is supposed to be the gateway to other forms of physical intimacy. Another bonus is that because people are holding hands and skating, they won’t be distracted by their phones

“Ice skating is one to two hours long, which means you’re gonna be hungry,” he said. “You’re already dressed in casual attire, which means you’re going to be going to a casual restaurant, not a fancy one, which means you’re gonna save some money.” 

TikTokers didn’t seem to think that it was bad advice so much as they imagined what it would really be like if they tried it themselves. 

“I’m just envisioning me wiping out and taking my date down with me, and we both end up in the hospital,” someone commented

“This makes so much sense!” a user replied. 

“The only thing I’ll be ‘breaking’ is every single bone in my body,” another joked

“What if she can skate but you can’t? She’d be zooming, and I’ll be falling,” a person added

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