TikToker slams guy who asked her to ‘repay’ him for coffee after their first date

A woman is going viral on TikTok after sharing her nightmare first date experience.

The story comes courtesy of user Katlyn Phipps (@katlyn_phipps), who shared what happened in the days after she got coffee with a guy she met on Hinge.

It’s just the latest bad first date story to go viral on TikTok. Previously, a user shared how her date tried to make her buy clothes he thought she’d look better in. Shortly after, another TikToker revealed how their date asked them to pay for their dinner — only after they refused to go out with him again.

Phipps’ story was similar. However, the money in question was so low in value, it infuriated many TikTokers that the guy would ask for it. Apparently, after Phipps decided not to go out with her date again, he requested that she pay him for the $4 coffee he bought her.


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In the clip, Phipps shows how she woke up to the text asking her to “repay” him.

“Why did you request $4?” she texted back.

Her date then responds by explaining that he wants the money he spent on her coffee back since, as he put it, “it seems like we’re never gonna go out again.”

In a follow-up clip, Phipps showed how she responded to her date’s request. She replied with a long message explaining her own financial situation — that she works full-time while going to school and caring for her mother. She then points out how the guy’s response affirmed her decision not to see him again.

“Your lack of communication and understanding has clarified that this will not be progressing into anything more,” she wrote.

TikTokers largely supported Phipps’ response and criticized the guy for being “manipulative.”

“This was definitely his whiny attempt at manipulating you into being like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry! I’ll make time for you!'” one user wrote.

“Apparently, now we’re supposed to marry every guy that buys us dinner,” another added.

“Don’t send the money either,” another argued.

Phipps posted one final clip in the saga, showing the guy’s response to her long text. In his reply, he criticized Phipps for “leading him down a false path” and asked why she’d go on a date with him if she was so busy. Some commenters pushed back against that argument, though.

“What false path? Did he think getting coffee once means you’re engaged?” one viewer commented.

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