First Step: Know You

Welcome to the Love Hotline! Drag queens Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are answering your burning questions about navigating the world of dating. Whether it be over video chat or good old-fashioned letters, your two favorite queens have got you covered with their entertaining “expert” advice!

After discovering their non-binary identity, eighteen-year-old Zaya wonders how to navigate the dating scene as a gender non-conforming person. On this episode of Love Hotline, Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) and Jujubee (@jujubeeonline) reveal that the answer has been in Zaya all along!

“I’ve recently within the half past of a year come into the discovery that I am non-binary,” shares Zaya. “So my question is, being Black and now gender non-conforming, how would I navigate the dating scene as of now, because I haven’t had that much luck.”

While Zaya may not be feeling optimistic, Thorgy and Jujubee tell them that half of their battle has already been won. 

“I feel that you have such a love for yourself because you’re really young and you’re discovering so many things, and the person that is meant for you, they’re gonna see all that,” says Jujubee.  “They’re gonna see the self-love and I think that’s the beginning, [and] you’re already there.”

Thorgy completely agrees with Jujubee, and takes her advice a step further by offering a potential solution.

“Right away when you popped on the screen I was like, ‘This person is an individual,’ and you are very sexy in your own right,” says Thorgy. “You need to make sure to surround yourself with people that make you feel your best at all times, and I think you’ll find a lover out of it.”

“That’s such good advice. Omigosh, yes,” responds Zaya. 

Later, Thorgy and Jujubee dip into their anonymous question box and answer the question, “How do I unsee that my boyfriend looks like my dad?” and their advice is hilarious!

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