First-time mom reveals all the things she’s packing into her hospital bag

A first-time mom posted a TikTok of what she’s bringing with her to the hospital, and parents jumped in the comment section to give some more helpful advice. 

TikTok couple Giovanni and Francesca Ferrara (@gioandfrancesca) posted a video of Francesca breaking down the items that she’s bringing with her to the hospital when she goes into labor


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Here are the things that Francesca packed in her bag: 

-Two pairs of leggings

-A pair of biker shorts for compression

-A pair of loose sweatpants

-A “going home” sweatshirt


-Fuzzy slippers and flip flops

-A brush

-A phone charger

-A super-soft robe

-Nursing bras

-Disposable underwear

-Postpartum underwear 

-Nipple cups

-A bag of toiletries

-A makeup bag

At first glance, it would seem like Francesca has all the essentials and then some. But Francesca looked to her fellow TikTokers to see if there was anything essential that she left off her list. 

“What did we forget?” asked Francesca.

Parents were quick to offer suggestions

Luckily, experienced TikTok parents, and even some nurses, posted helpful suggestions. 

“[Labor and Delivery] Nurse here! Definitely don’t forget the snacks!!!” said a TikTok user who has clearly seen it all. According to Healthline, some of the best snacks to eat right after labor are salted crackers, dates and beef jerky. 

Besides snacks, users also suggested that Francesca prioritizes her own comfort. 

“Your own pillow. I am sooooo happy I brought my own pillow, the hospital ones are horrible,” said another user. 

Other users were looking out for the other parent in the picture. 

“Pillow and blanket for dad!!!! If dad isn’t comfy, we’ll all hear about it!” wrote another labor and delivery nurse. 

According to, expecting parents should prepare their labor bag about a month before their baby’s due date.

It’s a good thing there are TikToks like this to help expecting parents prepare for what will surely be an eventful journey.

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