Fisherman discovers ‘ugly, frowning’ human-like fish: ‘It was looking at me’

An unusual fish with a human-like face was captured in Thailand. 

Fisherman Prasert Shookul caught the unidentified pale fish, which had massive human-like lips and bulging blue eyes. To make matters even creepier, the creature appeared to have a shocked expression after it was captured. 

The fish weighed 2.7 kilograms and was 42 centimeters long. Shookul said it was dead by the time he had returned to shore. 

“I almost threw everything back into the water when I saw the scary fish,” Shookul told Newsflare. “It was looking at me and it had a face like an ugly, frowning human. The fish’s body was shorter than it should have been and it had big lips but no teeth. Nobody knew what this creature was in our village, including the elders. I did not dare to cook it for myself or anybody else. It was so weird.”

A local marine center visited Shookul to examine the fish. They believe it could be a pollicaris fish. It would explain the horrifying expression, pollicaris bury their heads in the sand with their mouths open to catch tiny fish in it. 

As for Shookul, he gave the fish to the wildlife center fearing it could bring him bad luck. And that’s honestly, completely understandable. 

This isn’t the first time a fish with human features garnered attention. In July, a type of triggerfish with plump lips and teeth made the rounds on social media. 

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