Fitness instructor explains how exercise can prepare you for life challenges

Fitness instructor Raneir Pollard’s ethos is that exercise is not only a reflection of our everyday struggles but it also instills the tools needed to deal with them. You can find is always joyful but honest fitness advice on TikTok.

“I love to exercise because exercise allows you to practice principles that will help you in everyday life,” Pollard told In The Know. “Physical fitness should make you feel good but at the end of the day, the truth of it is it makes you feel challenged. And challenge and change are one of the two of maybe five things you’re guaranteed in this life.” 

Pollard said workouts let you practice getting through difficult moments in a controlled environment — so the stakes are much lower. 

“Imagine when you’re out in the world or you’re out in your workplace and stress hits you, it’s not such an unusual factor,” Pollard told In The Know. “I tried to get that message out to people every day if I can because being uncomfortable, [it’s] guaranteed that will come. So much of this life is how do we operate and stay in control when things are making you uncomfortable.”

The fitness instructor said there is nothing more exciting than a student who welcomes struggle. 

“With exercise — yes, you’re gonna be challenged and yes, you’re we’re going to fail,” Pollard told In The Know. “It’s the people that go out and fail repeatedly that become great. Rather than getting angry at ourselves for failing, [we should respect] ourselves for how hard it is to put yourself out there [and be] uncomfortable all over again, be rejected, fail and get to say, ‘I’m stronger than this. I know I can do better. I know I have the potential to get better.’ It is a mindset that exercise develops.” 

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