You need to get your hands on Five North Chocolate snacks

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Not all chocolate is created equal. Fair-trade chocolate supports cacao farmers in the developing world who might otherwise be taken advantage of, prohibits child labor and even helps protect the environment. These are all good things, so why wouldn’t you buy only fair-trade chocolate?

Five North Chocolate is a fair-trade chocolate brand that does a lot of good. It supports local cacao farmers in Côte d’Ivoire (which is 5° north of the equator) and plants a tree for each order placed. The brand is also proudly LGBT+ owned and was the first chocolate brand in 2019 to feature the Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® seal on its packaging.

With all that said, you have to try its chocolate. Five North Chocolate makes vegan, low-sugar, organic dark chocolate cubes in two flavors: Pistachio Sea Salt and Cinnamon Almond. The snacks are essentially dark chocolate cubes topped with delicious nuts, berries and spices.

Pistachio Sea Salt, 3-Pack, $19.95

Credit: Five North Chocolate

Cinnamon Almond, 3-Pack, $19.95

Credit: Five North Chocolate

The founder, Ben Conard, writes on the brand’s website: “I wouldn’t make or sell anything that I wouldn’t eat and enjoy myself and share with my family and friends. With a super clean ingredient label, organic superfoods, and nothing artificial, go ahead and indulge! You deserve it :)”

You can buy the chocolate snacks online in packs of three for $19.95. And, maybe more importantly, you can feel good about it in more ways than one.

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