Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mac N’ Cheese exists now — and social media is very divided

It’s officially the summer of snack food debates.

Joining the ranks of ramen pizza and mayo-flavored ice cream, Cheetos has finally released its long-anticipated, hot-button snack.

Cheetos Mac N’ Cheese, which was teased earlier this year, has finally arrived on grocery store shelves. And of course, social media is severely divided.

The product comes in three flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Jalapeño and of course, Flamin’ Hot. Boxes of the snack, which are strangely packaged like cereal, hit stores on Aug. 8.

After just a few days of cheesy bliss (or for others, a snack food dystopia), foodies across the internet have begun sharing their thoughts. People seem to feel particularly strongly about the Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheese, which apparently takes on a bright red color when cooked.

Social media food reviewer JunkPickers shared a breakdown of the meal on Instagram, giving it some glowing praise.

“I could already get the smell of the spice when I was mixing it, definitely will clear your sinuses out! The flavor is spot on with this one as well, almost to me seems more spicer, idk if it’s added onto the fact of the hot macaroni,” they wrote.

Other snack-lovers seemed less enthusiastic. Responding to another Instagram review by the food account CandyHunting, one user called it the “worst idea of 2020.”

“Don’t know if I want to add this to my already abused intestines,” one user joked.

“[At this point] everyone [is] just coming up with anything,” another added.

“It doesn’t look good but I still want to try it,” another wrote.

Others, meanwhile couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

“I feel like i need to try this lol,” one user wrote.

“I bet this is yummy,” another added.

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