Flashy floor lights are the glow up you never knew your car needed

On this episode of Glow Up Garage, host and auto enthusiast Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) takes a literal approach to “glow up” by giving her car custom LED floor lights, adding a bold and bright flair to the car’s interior. If you’re looking to rev your DIY engines and want to add LED floor lights yourself, follow Anatalia’s directions and throw your vehicle the party it deserves. 

For this DIY car project, you’ll need adhesive LED strips with a car charging port, LED extensions and extension cables, thinner LED strips for the bottom of the rear seat, ring terminals to connect the wires to the battery, and a pair of wire cutters. 

The first step is to connect the adhesive LED strip that’s attached to the charging port into the car charger in front of the passenger’s seat. Anatalia then connects the first strip to the footwell light in front of the driver’s seat, by feeding the wire through the media console. Once all the footbed lights are connected, make sure to tuck the wire away so it doesn’t get tangled with your feet. 

With the front taken care of, Anatalia moves on to the rear seats. This step, Anatalia explains, is slightly more complicated than connecting the front lights because for the rear, she has to connect the lights directly to the car’s battery instead of plugging them into a port. “What I’m gonna do is run these wires right under the seats, through the trunk to the battery to power all this up,” says Anatalia, as she sticks the adhesive LED strips to the floor of the rear seating area. 

“I really do like these lights,” says the host. “It enhances the whole look of the inside of the car and I think that’s the most important [thing] for me because I spend a lot of time in here.” 

With the front and rear of her car shining bright, Anatalia wraps up her DIY demo. “It’s literally so easy and so simple,” she says. “It’s like putting a sticker on your car. Don’t be afraid. You guys got this!” 

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