Flight attendant stuns TikTok with extremely strict dress code: ‘That’s so outdated’

A flight attendant on TikTok revealed to viewers that the dress code for her job is a lot stricter than people may realize.

Kat Kamalani, who worked as a flight attendant for five years before going on maternity leave in 2020, released another video shedding light on the travel industry. Previously, she has discussed her best hotel hacks, the “disgusting” reason passengers shouldn’t drink plane water and the real reason why the crew greets passengers aboard flights.

In one of her latest TikToks, Kamalani explains the “strict” realities of the job — including the very specific rules each employee has to follow in terms of their appearances.

“What most people don’t know is that you have to follow a super strict guideline when you’re a flight attendant. Your airline gets to dictate everything from head to toe on the way you look,” Kamalani explained in the video. “So your nail color, hair color, your lip color, your makeup, the way your shoes look, your bags — every single thing.”

Kamalani also added that the strictness made her feel like she was “in the military.”

“When I was in training, they had a whole entire team dedicated to the way you look and making sure you’re on point,” she said. “You can’t have any tattoos showing, the length of your dress or your uniform, the way you tie your bow — it was super strict. I swear that I felt like I was in the military because of how strict they are.”

If a flight attendant fails to follow the dress code, Kamalani says they can get in huge trouble if they’re caught.

Commenters who claimed to also work in the airline industry jumped in to add that the same rules apply for employees who work at airports.

“Same for working at the airport for airlines. I had to wear heels at all times, certain nail polish allowed, hair must be up, the list goes on,” one person wrote.

Others seemed shocked at how “outdated” the rules seemed.

“That’s so outdated! They shouldn’t be allowed to dictate that much,” someone commented.

“I was shocked when my niece was going through training to become a flight attendant!” another added.

But some people chimed in to say it makes sense — flight attendants are literally the faces of the airline.

“It’s not shocking. It’s a business being run by professionals. You are a professional representing an airline’s company,” a commenter said.

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