Flight attendant pulls off acrobatic stunt to close overhead bins

A flight attendant flexed her serious acrobatic skills in an empty plane

Lindsey O’Brien was on a grounded Philadelphia flight in June. O’Brien and a coworker were killing time when they decided to try out a trick. The challenge was to do a headstand in the aisle while gripping the armrest and closing the overhead compartment. 

A video clip shows O’Brien doing exactly that with poise and ease. The flight attendant props her body up with the armrests and then slowly kicks her feet out. O’Brien uses her heels to close four bins at once. 

“I used to do yoga and I was a cheerleader growing up so my core is pretty strong and I had to see if I could do it,” O’Brien said according to Fox News

However, the flight attendant of six years said it is much harder than it looks. The final shot wasn’t exactly the first one. O’Brien attempted the move 20 times before getting it right. 

“Every time I did it one bin wouldn’t close, we wanted to close four at once,” she said. 

The plane O’Brien was on had been grounded in Philadelphia due to the pandemic. The flight attendant was sure to add that while she isn’t wearing a mask in the video, it’s because there are no passengers around. 

“This was just a rare occasion when we could kick back and just have some fun,” she said

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