Flight attendant shares ‘crash pad’ with 20 other people

If you thought your roommate situation was overwhelming, a glimpse into the life of a flight attendant might leave you more thankful.

Dominic Jay is a flight attendant based out of San Francisco. Because Jay’s job requires him to fly all over the world, paying San Francisco rent for an apartment he’s barely in doesn’t seem financially smart.

That’s why many flight attendants have “crash pads” in different cities that they share with their coworkers. In Jay’s case, he shares an apartment with 20 other flight attendants.

If you’re picturing a house or multi-leveled apartment, let me stop you right there. According to Jay’s TikTok tour, which has over 3 million views, it looks like it’s a simple two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

The living room houses a large L-shaped couch and stacks of cubbies which, as Jay explains in the video, are assigned to each person living in the apartment. Jay stores his bedding in his.

“We don’t live here permanently, but we’re all based in San Fransisco but it’s too expensive so we commute from all over the country,” Jay says.

Each bedroom has three bunkbeds — so six beds total — which are surrounded by blackout curtains that Jay absolutely loves, but some viewers were not convinced.

“Omg this looks like hell on earth,” someone replied.

According to a follow-up video, Jay says that each attendant pays $250 a month for the apartment. “It’s a resting place in between trips and it helps us save money on hotels,” Jay explains. “Even though we are an SFO-based crew, most of us live in different cities.”

“I’ve always wondered about this,” one person commented.

There are strict rules in the apartment too, in order to maintain cleanliness, which includes not wearing shoes throughout the apartment and storing suitcases on the racks by the front door.

“We’re never all here at the same time, the most I’ve experienced is about five people,” Jay says.

Jay’s 400-hour commute, on the other hand, is a whole different story that you should check out on his TikTok here.

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