Flight attendant shares her best hotel hacks on TikTok

Kat Kamalani is a flight attendant who records all sorts of videos for her popular TikTok account. From family highlights (she shared a sweet story about finding out she was pregnant) to beauty and fashion tutorials, Kamalani covers it all and racks up tens of thousands of views.

But her most popular TikTok video — clocking in at almost 6 million views — is about all of the “hotel hacks” she’s learned while traveling for work.

A lot of the tips concern safety, as most of the time, Kamalani is a single woman traveling by herself. Like her advice to never say your hotel room number out loud in a public space, should someone overhear.

Kamalani also suggests looking around the hallway to make sure nobody is watching or following you and checking the room before getting settled.

If you think this is an overreaction, so did many people in the comments. However, flight attendants are pretty easy to spot because of their uniforms, and if someone were to want to follow a hotel guest they would know that the flight attendant was traveling alone and not likely to have local support.

For beds, Kamalani advises looking for bed bugs by checking the corners of mattresses. You’re more likely to see orange residue near the mattress seams than the actual bugs.

“You also want to take off any decorative pillows or top comforters — they never wash those,” she says.

“I was a housekeeper and can confirm that decorative pillows and blankets only get washed during ‘deep cleans’ which is about every 4-6 months,” one commenter replied. “If there’s no visible dirt, it’s not mandatory to clean them.”

If your room doesn’t have a fridge and you want to store some extra food, Kamalani says that an ice bucket will do the trick. Although, that tip seemed to cause a little controversy in the comments.

“I worked as a housekeeper for a hotel … don’t use the ice buckets. ever. for anything,” someone wrote.

One person summarized the advice and the comments succinctly: “I’m scared now.”

Want to learn more about the mystical life of flight attendants? Watch this TikTok on one FA’s apartment in San Fransisco that he shares with 20 other people.

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